Tribebook: Bone Gnawers (Werewolf: The Apocalypse)


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Down and Dirty
For any werewolf, life is a struggle to survive – to the Bone Gnawers, that struggle’s ten times tougher. Cities are full of vampires and sociopaths, their Kin are picked on and ignored by other humans, and the rest of the Garou Nation treats them like garbage. But that’s okay. The Bone Gnawers are damn hard to kill, and they’ve learned to do whatever it takes to hang in there.

Meaner than a Junkyard Dog
Tribebook: Bone Gnawers details the social pariahs of the Garou Nation, from their sardonic, pragmatic culture to their uncanny powers of survival, all updated. Now you can see what happens when werewolves are pushed to the limit.

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