TMNT: The IDW Collection (HC) Vol. 14


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After the cataclysmic events of “City At War,” the Turtles find New York City drastically changed-new factions and enemies are on the rise, and allies are in short supply. Jennika, the newest member of the team, embarks on her own adventure. Trying to acclimate to life as a mutant, she will be forced to come to terms with both her troubled past and conflicted present. In search of a dangerous procedure to reverse mutation, will Jennika be tempted by the call of her old life, and how far will she go to save those who gave up on her long ago? Collects #101-112, the , and the three-issue mini-series.
(W) Brahm Revel, Sophie Campbell, Ronda Pattison (A) Nelson Daniel (A/CA) Jodie Nishijima

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