Kaiju Score: Steal from the Gods #1 (Cover C Mask Variant)


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Michelle is back, she has her own crew, and she’s making her own rules. Unfortunately, her tendency for getting into hot water still remains, and her involvement in that now-infamous job in Florida, known as the Kaiju Score, is haunting her in many different ways. It’s about to put her on a collision course with a new job, new characters, and – of course – new monsters. The second volume of the critically acclaimed, best-selling KAIJU SCORE (optioned-by-Sony Pictures) is here, and just like last time, not everyone will get out alive.   RETAILERS WHO ORDER AT LEAST 15 COPIES OF KAIJU SCORE STEAL FROM THE GODS #1 CVR A & C IN ANY COMBO, MAY ORDER 1 FREE JUAN DOE INCENTIVE VARIANT UNDER FEB221124 AND UP TO 5 ADDITIONAL COVERS AT $4.99 EACH UNDER FEB221125.)
(W) James Patrick (A/CA) Rem Broo

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