Guardians of the Galaxy: An Awesome Mix


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Collects Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy (2015B) #3, 5, 9 and material from Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy (2015A) #1-4.

Your favorite band of cosmic caperers star in adventures for all to enjoy! When the Milano crashlands near an orphanage, Star-Lord and Gamora discover just how much of a handful children can be! As the ship comes under attack from within, will anyone believe Groot’s explanation? A trip to a farming planet turns deadly for Drax – but on another world, which Guardian will be welcomed as the chosen one? Things get animated when the Collector comes a-calling! An alien fungus gives Groot a monstrous growth spurt! And a blast from the past teaches Rocket a thing or two about family! They’re the Guardians of the Galaxy -and they’re an awesome bunch!

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