Green Lantern (N52) Vol. 2: The Revenge of Black Hand


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There is very minor cosmetic damage to this book.

Comics hottest writer Geoff Johns (Justice League, Aquaman, Blackest Night, The Flash) joins artist Doug Mahnke to on one of DC Comics The New 52’s hottest titles, Green Lantern!
After the events of War of the Green Lantern, the villainous Sinestro is suddenly a Green Lantern, whether he wants to be or not! Now teaming up with his former foe, Hal Jordan and Sinestro find themselves investigating a crime that leads them deep into the homeworld of the Indigo Tribe. As their situation grows more and more dire, the unlikely team of these two Green Lanterns uncovers a secret that will change the GL Corps forever!

Collecting: Green Lantern 7-12, Annual 1

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