Deadpool Classic Vol. 2


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Landau, Luckman, and Lake want Deadpool to rebuild himself as a hero – but he’ll be lucky to pull himself together as he is His healing factor’s down, and the only thing that’ll juice it up is a dose of the Incredible Hulk’s blood – administered by the Weapon X alumnus who helped make Deadpool what he is in the first place Not even mad science can mend a torn heart, though, as Deadpool’s infatuation with X-Force’s Siryn (later of X-Factor) is challenged by Typhoid – who turns heads as easily as she cracks skulls When she sets off on a grudge match against Daredevil, can Deadpool contain a killing machine even more off kilter than he is? Also featuring wily weapon-boy Weasel, hostage extraordinaire Blind Al, and the Taskmaster, later of Avengers: The Initiative Collects Deadpool #2-8 and #-1, and Daredevil/Deadpool Annual 1997.

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