Nightwing (RB) Vol. 2: Back to Blüdhaven


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Dick Grayson’s adventures as Nightwing continue in the second volume collecting the best-selling Nightwing series from DC Universe: Rebirth!

Former Robin and retired superspy Dick Grayson has returned to Gotham and stepped back into his life as Nightwing–the blue-and-black clad vigilante known for going where others won’t. Fresh off a deep cover operation to infiltrate the Parliament of Owls, Nightwing must come to terms with secrets of his past that will forever change his destiny. Featuring appearances by Batman and Superman, this volume is packed with nonstop action and adventure!

Written by Grayson veteran scribe Tim Seeley, Nightwing, Volume 2: Blüdhaven continues the spectacular adventures of the former Robin, Dick Grayson!

Collecting: Nightwing 9-15

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