Titans (RB) Vol. 3: A Judas Among Us


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The classic team of former superhero sidekicks continue their adventures in TITANS VOL. 3, as a part of DC Rebirth!

The reunion of the classic team of superhero sidekicks–Nightwing, The Flash, Donna Troy, Tempest and Arsenal–continues in TITANS VOL. 3, as a part of DC Rebirth!

As Omen begins her investigation into the identity of the team’s traitor, the Titans launch a full assault on H.I.V.E., who they believe hold the key to restoring Bumblebee’s broken mind. Meanwhile, tensions rise when Roy discovers Wally and Donna’s blossoming romance–which threatens to tear the Titans apart!

Writer Dan Abnett (AQUAMAN) and artist Brett Booth (NIGHTWING) continue their critically acclaimed run with TITANS VOL. 3! Collects issues #12-18.

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