Batwoman (N52) Vol. 6: The Unknowns


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Meet The Unknowns…

Clayface: a desperate man driven to madness and monstrosity by a magical artifact that transformed him into a shapeshifting killer.

Ragman: a guardian of Gotham City whose supernatural suit is woven from a thousand lost souls.

Etrigan the Demon: a prince of Hell bonded to a human host a millennium ago, desperate to free himself ever since.

And Batwoman: a crimefighter whose alter ego, Kate Kane, may have just lost the love of her life, only to find passion in the arms of a creature of the night.

Heroes, villains, something in between-to each of them, the others are a complete unknown.But an ancient evil has returned from beyond the grave: Morgan Le Fey, the mad witch who destroyed King Arthur’s Camelot and would do the same to all civilization.It’s an evil this fearsome foursome can only stop together-if they don’t tear each other apart first…

Writer Marc Andreyko and artists Georges Jeanty and Juan José Ryp present BATWOMAN: THE UNKNOWNS (collects issues #35-40, BATWOMAN ANNUAL #2, and BATWOMAN: FUTURES END #1) – a tale of magic and mayhem that will take Batwoman from the gutters of Gotham to the coldness of space to the depths of her own heart!

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