Chunky Goes To Camp


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Sports put Hudi to the test. Now he’s about to face his greatest trial: . . . summer camp. Hudi finally embraced his love of art and comedy, but his class clown antics keep getting him in trouble. After Hudi’s artwork lands him in detention again, his parents decide a change is needed when summer arrives, and they sentence him to four weeks at summer camp. Hudi is hesitant about Greene Family Camp-a Jewish sleepaway camp in the blazing Texas desert. At least he still has Chunky. Then Hudi meets Pepe, a fellow camper who’s also Latinx, Jewish, and a comedian like Hudi, and who-get this-can also see Chunky! What?! The rest of Hudi’s bunkmates are also a motley crew of misfits. Has Hudi finally found his people?
(W) Yehudi Mercado (A/CA) Yehudi Mercado

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