Batman Adventures: Robin: The Boy Wonder


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Come along on the incredible adventures that only THE BOY WONDER can take on and see what it’s like to be by Batman’s side!

With Batman and Robin looking out for Gotham–villains don’t stand a chance!

But what happens when Robin is confronted by a villain that sees past the mask? One that…recognizes him as Tim Drake! Will the Boy Wonder be able to continue crime fighting? And if he can continue on…will he be the same? Being disillusioned to the realities of crime-fighting…will the bad guys of Gotham finally get their chance? Or will our Boy Wonder be able to snap himself out of it and get back to work!

Follow along in this incredible collection of Batman and Robin as they battle against some of your love-to-hate villains like Harley Quinn, Rupert Thorne, Dagger Dixon, and more!

Collects Batman: Gotham Adventures #7, Batman: Gotham Adventures #19, Batman: Gotham Adventures #29, Batman: Gotham Adventures #42, Batman: Gotham Adventures #54, Batman Adventures #9

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