Double Masters Interest Form

Twice the fun! Twice the fun!

Hey friends! We’re checking on interest levels for Double Masters product.

What’s Double Masters?

Double Masters is a set filled to the brim with powerful and popular reprints. So full, in fact, Wizards had to put two rare or mythic rare cards in each pack! Each pack also contains two foil cards! ALSO THOSE FOIL CARDS CAN ALSO BE RARE OR MYTHIC RARE MAKING A POTENTIAL FOUR RARE PACK!

A full display box also contains a box-topper pack containing two non-foil showcase cards!

You want a taste of what you might find in these packs? Okay!

Okay, I’m excited! What do I need to do to get some?

We’re going to try and get as much as we can, but we suspect this will be allocated pretty heavily. Stick your name and email down on the form below along with what quantities of product you’d be interested in and we’ll do our best to fulfil it. Keep in mind this will be first-come, first-served. So sign up early for the best shot of getting in on this exciting Magic product!

Again. This will be a limited product. We will do our best to serve as many customers as possible.