Fumblefoot & Company

How handcrafted dice are lovingly made:

“We start our process with a set of 3D printed polyhedral dice. These dice act as our “master set” as we make molds of their custom shapes and design. 

Freshly printed, these dice will often be rough and rigid and will need to be sanded down to a glass-like finish. Once our masters have been sanded and polished we then prep them for mold making!

We carefully drill into our dice and insert shortened toothpicks. Using 2 oz cups we insert our dice, toothpick down, into a small ball of modeling clay.

We then mix our silicone(SORTA-Clear 12) and slowly fill each cup. The slower the pour the better! Once our cups are completely filled with silicone we place the soon-to-be molds into a pressure pot set to 40 PSI for the duration of the cure time. The continuous air pressure will help shrink any potential bubbles in the silicone for a more clear and even result!

After the silicone is fully cured (SORTA-Clear 12 takes about 12 hours) we use hobby shears to cut away the cups then remove the clay. Using a sharp exacto knife we carefully cut into the silicone following the sides of the dice, the toothpick, and the reservoir created by the clay. At this point we can wiggle our masters free and begin casting dice!

We begin our casting process by laying out our additives before mixing any resin. With resin you have a short time frame in which you can fill your molds. If you wait too long it will start to cure and become a thick gummy-like consistency making it hard to work with.

After choosing between alcohol inks, mica powders, glitters, metallic foils, etc., we thoroughly mix our resin. Resin is a bit finicky, if it’s not measured and mixed correctly it will never cure and harden. Once properly mixed, we begin piping the resin into our molds using pipettes! 

The reservoir created by the clay acts as a “sprue” or entry way for the pipette to enter the molds. We fill each mold entirely with resin, including the reservoir, then place the molds into the pressure pot at 40 psi for the duration of the cure time. With the resin we use (Art & Glow) this process takes about 24 hours. After the resin has cured we remove the molds from the pressure pot and wiggle the dice free. 

Using hobby shears we carefully snip off the sprues leaving a full set of resin dice. We let the dice sit for another 32 hours while the resin fully hardens. We then begin the tedious and lengthy sanding process! 

We carefully sand and polish each face of the dice to a glass-like finish. This process usually takes about 6-8 hours per set. The final step is to paint the numbers and you’re ready to roll!”

– Alyssa