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Organized Magic: the Gathering Play Returns to The Comic Shop!

With the restrictions on organized play being lifted by Wizards of the Coast, we’ve decided its time to get back into the swing of things with the return of FNM at The Comic Shop! In the concern of the continued safety of our customers space will be limited to 16 players for the time being; but to kick things off we thought we’d do something special.

The inaugural FNM hosted at The Comic Shop in our all-new play space on May 28th starting at 6:00PM will be a FREE STRIXHAVEN DRAFT with FULL PRIZE SUPPORT.

What does that mean?

Each participant will be given three packs of Strixhaven to draft and build their best 40 card deck to compete in three rounds of tournament play for additional prize booster packs! Basic lands will be available for players to borrow for the event should they not have their own on hand.

You said prizes. What are we looking at here?

Prize payout is as follows and is based on the player’s record:

3-0 – 5 packs.
2-1 – 3 packs.
1-2 – 2 packs.
0-3 – 1 pack.

Each participant is guaranteed at least one prize pack to go along with the three packs they drafted from at the beginning of the event. On a normal night we’d be charging $15 for this event, but on the 28th it will be absolutely free!

This is only the beginning of what we have planned for Magic: the Gathering organized play at The Comic Shop!

Where do I sign up?

You can sign-up in store or on your mobile device using the Magic Companion app using the code: J7DX3J


May 28th. 6PM. Free Strixhaven Draft. Full Prize Support.